You’re Never “Alone” at the BYC

When I received the news I got accepted to blog for the Barcelona Yoga Conference I was thrilled. Yoga, music, workshops- all in my favorite city in the world.

But as the event drew closer I began to have a bit of anxiousness set in. I realized I didn’t know anyone going to this event. And being my first time attending I wasn’t sure what to expect. Of course I felt secure I would not be left alone in the corner while the whole group was enjoying together- it was a yoga event after all. But I am somewhat a quiet and introverted person so I feared maybe I would just get lost in the big mix of it all.

So the big day arrived and I went to the conference, alone. I entered, breathed in and… Nothing. But. Love. From the reception desk to the teachers to the the fellow yogis- everyone was nothing less than welcoming and loving expressions of light.

At the BYC, you don’t pass a person without exchanging a little smile or warm feeling. And while I took a more introspective route at the conference, reading and writing between the classes instead of a more outgoing vibe, I still felt welcome and accepted and appreciated every moment. And if you are seeking to make new friends and have social interactions then you will have endless opportunities as well.

You see, it was not about how many classes you could attend or how many people you met but more so the creation of a safe space to just be. To me, thats what the Barcelona Yoga Conference is really about-creating a space for all different types of people to come together to celebrate yoga in whatever way they feel comfortable. Practice, play, make 100 friends, rest, read, talk to everyone, talk to no one, write, sing, dance, eat, sleep, lay in the sun, get a massage- do whatever speaks to you! I found a beautiful freedom while being there, surrounded by so much knowledge from different perspectives, all coming together in the name of Yoga.

So if your a social butterfly or a more reclusive little lone wolf like me, I assure you that you will feel welcome, loved and at home at the Barcelona Yoga Conference.

Shine on, beautiful souls…

Source: BYC Blog