We are family

A short story why attending a yoga conference can be healing:

Living in cities and working in big companies can somehow make us socio phobic. We feel then like the others are “too much”. Or we compare ourselves to others and feel “too little”, “not enough”. We feel that we can’t relate to one another and that there is no connection, no “we”.

Only “I”.

There are studies that show that we in Europe and in the US never had more room for ourselves than we do now. More and more people live alone in their apartments. Less people live with another generation or family member like their grandparents or aunts and uncles, sisters/brothers.

Attending a yoga conference can be a quick fix to feel and see the connection to others very clearly and very deeply.

In general it is nice to meet new people. The sentence, we are social human beings, is true. It is our nature to connect and share.

You can say that you book a conference ticket because of this or that teacher. Or this or that workshop. But honestly, I believe it is always also some sort of searching for connection.

Better than any teaching any teacher could give you is finding your own way to heal what needs to be healed in you right now.

Yoga conferences are an offering. They offer such a huge amount of teachers, coming from all over the world. But mostly they offer you future connections to other people.

That can feel like a whole new world.

And maybe it really does change something in your life. Most likely it is another human being inspiring you that shows you that there is more to life then you thought there is. They can expand your vision just by being themselves.

They are waiting.

Source: BYC Blog