underwater expedition with Simon Park

I got to embark on an underwater yoga expedition with Simon Park. It’s such a joy to practice with Simon every time, his classes are a perfect mix between mindful movement, fluidity & challenge.


At the beginning of the class he asked us to imagine we were immersed in blue, crystal water all around and to start moving slowly from child’s pose exploring the motion and the experience as if water was containing us the whole time. It gave me the sensation of being on a diving experience and made me think of this, one of my favorite Mirabai poems:

” this human body is a vast ocean concealing reefs and sea domes, heap with jewels, enter its secret rooms and light your own lamp… within the body are gardens, rare orchids, peacocks, the inner music.Within the body, a lake; in its cool waters, white swans take their joy, enter its secret rooms and light your own lamp…”

We were guided through a complete body mind experience combination of breath and movement that from simple, fluid movements lead us into deep hip openers and hamstring stretches that were the preparation and evolution into a peak challenge.

At the end of the practice we enjoyed some final deep back body & lateral stretches with longer holds encouraged to breath and create space & openness serenaded by Johannes Vogt and his sweet guitar to give way to a restoring savasana. During the final resting pose we began to be taken even deeper to the undersea guided by the ebb & flow of the tanpura in the background and the beautiful voice of a mermaid* led us into the hidden valleys & caves of our inner landscape for a full inner exploration and renewal, the sweet hands of Coco adjusting me in savasana did the magic for complete release.

*I later found out the mermaid´s name is Blanche de Marion and she was signing the peace mantra, Blanche is the organizer of he Chamonix Yoga Festival that happens every year, for more information, look for her on fb as yogi Blanche 

Can´t wait for more of these amazing experiences today at Barcelona Yoga Conference.

Source: BYC Blog