The healing Touch

To be touched by someone physically can help to realize a lot with oneself. Don’t know about you but when I grew up receiving a massage was nothing related to healing. It was more about releasing muscle tension (mostly from too much work/ stress/ sitting) or spending money for some wellness time. So when I discovered thai yoga massage and its healing effect I was really surprised of the impact it had then on my life.

I visited Krishna Takis the first time around 8 years ago at his Sunshine House in Greece. I had heard from him through some acro yoga friends in Germany and I was curious about learning massage techniques anyways. Little did I know that the course I registered for would be more than intense for me – on all levels.

I booked a 10-day-course over New Years and I went to Athens by plane and from there by bus. I was on my own and I felt quite good. I was longing for connection and I remember me looking forward meeting new people.

And indeed I met a lot of new people, to some of whom I have still contact mostly through social media (and meeting them at yogaconferences). But whom I met most and very intensely was myself. To be more exact: I met pieces and fragments of myself I didn’t know they were there. From today’s perspective I would call them my shadow aspects, that were waiting for me getting to know them.

To touch other people and also getting touched by others requires to be very soft and open. It requires to see and be seen on a very deep level. So when I thought I was at the Sunshine House to learn massage techniques only I was totally wrong. I was there foremost to open up, learn to see others more fully and also let myself be seen.


We learned that with Takis through meditation, every morning. Through superb freshly cooked food. Through connecting with others by singing together, dancing and having inspirational talks with each other. We would of course learn also a lot of thai massage techniques as well – but to fully know them we had to feel what true connection to others looks like, by experiencing it.

At first I was scared by all those massage-unrelated things we did. I questioned myself if I was really right at that place. But my inner voice, name it intuition or however you want, never doubted. I was fully there for the 10 days and I immersed more and more into the techniques and into the openness.

When I came back to Germany I didn’t want to let this focus of connection go. I offered thai massages for free. First to friends, but then through word of mouth also strangers would call me and ask if I offered massages for free.

In these months I learned so much. I got really good in seeing others, I learned to be more skilled with my thai massage techniques. And most of all: I learned to know a lot more people who lived in my town. Noone would let me leave after the massage without at least a simple present. So I got the best green tea from a guy who worked in a tea shop. I was offered a lot of food, mostly things I didn’t know before. And loads of coffee, of course.

I visited Takis two times more and I am always happy when I see thai massage classes at yogaconferences or a yoga event.

So even if you do not want to specialize in thai yoga massage you learn so much in a workshop or class! Believe me ?

At the Barcelona Yogaconference there are loooooads of thai massage classes. Plus a Post-Conference with Krishna Takis on Monday.



Source: BYC Blog