shamanic yin

The perfect end of the day was a shamanic yin yoga practice led by Valentina Duna & Geraldine Lethenet. The room was packed, a clear sign that the world we live in, every time more and more yang, needs in fact a LOT of yin!


The girls had us make a circle around a very beautiful setting of a tiny altar and their musical instruments right at the center. The class started with the invocation of the different names of mother earth: Gaia, Pachamama, Durga, Deví, Párvati, Shakti, Tonantzin among many others and they announced that this class would be an opportunity to re- connect to her.

Both Valentina & Geraldine have beautiful voices that guided us throughout the different postures & sang chants & mantras that allowed for everyone present to ease into the practice & into the intention of surrendering & allowing, to the rhythm of the shamanic drums & other instrument sounds that they shared with us.


After a fully releasing & restoring savasana, we were invited to come back slowly and asked to join the tribal chant invoking positivity & love into our lives.

A truly recommended experience, hoping to repeat very soon! The girls mentioned they belong to a collective the The Shakti Mamas  , a group of powerful women sharing and spreading the message of love & union to mother Earth.


Source: BYC Blog