Barcelona Yoga Conference ♥ 2-6 July 2020


I come from China, thanks to Dario Calvaruso I  have the chance to join the BYC.  I love the yoga atmosphere there, whatever the food or the music, I enjoy it. Hope to have the chance to take part next year.
Huang Pei XinCHINA

What an event this is! My 2nd conference was even better than the first one…Great Yogavibes, top classes & teachers, beautiful people, lots of laughter, togetherness and love, great foodies… I’ll be back next year!

Steve WillemsBELGIUM

I’m not the biggest fan of yoga festivals, but I have been to many in the US, Asia and Europe, and the BYC stands out above all others as the most intimate, quality gathering I have ever been to. Ever since their second year, I have made it an annual ritual to attend this festival because I get so much out of it.

This festival does not just offer an experience of gathering community, but also a place to really learn and receive some quality teachings. The classes and workshops offered are diverse – from therapeutics to acrobatics, deep yogic philosophy, meditation and practice to playful partner practices -, the teachers are sought out from all over the world and masters in their craft, and the community that gathers is rich and heartfelt.

Even though this festival has grown and evolved over the years, there still remains an intimate atmosphere of heartfelt connections. The love that has been poured into creating, working and evolving this festival is palpable in each and every volunteer and participant, and every year I attend I really feel a part of a big global family, and am happy to leave rejuvenated, inspired and full of love.  


Great experience!!!! thanx to all of the team, karmayogis and teachers … And krishnadas for the graceful kirtan…

Stefan WollbergGERMANY
Aloha!!!! If you wanna feel a lot of Yoga Love, if you wanna learn about some different Yoga practices, or you wanna connect with old and new Yoga friends, if you wanna sing and dance to Kirtan and Bhajans, feel the divine Gurus behind the BYC yoga teachers….come to Barcelona and join the celebration!
I’ve been coming to BYC 6 or 7 times, to lead bhajan circles and give hatha yoga classes and it’s been always the festival I was most looking forward to! I wanna thank the Castellsague Family for offering such a great event, for bringing us all together and feel the joy, the love that Yoga can give!!!
Om Nama Sivaya
Marcus FelsnerINDIA

A variety of yoga, organized with love.


The best yoga experience! Full of love, light, kindness and sunshine in the heart. And of course, EXCELLENT yoga classes. Thank you BYC yoga! I will come back next year for SURE.  


This is my first time at Barcelona Yoga Conference. I have to give big compliments to the organizer in creating such a magnificent yoga conference. There is love everywhere, wonderful events and line-ups. The best Kirtan I have ever seen, the band and the dancers absolutely blew my mind. I would definitely come again


 – best yoga, best food, best place, best community – Thank you so much Mireia, Pau & Wari!!!

Michael TrübgerHAMBURG - GERMANY

My name is Mia and I’m from China. I joined BYC in Barcelona this year, which was a fantastic experience!
I loved Dario Navakarana’s session, which so far I’m the most impressed of. Thanks to BYC organizers for inviting the real Yogi to share Yoga. I also love the chanting sessions… so beautiful and spiritual!

The food, the atmosphere, the Sunshine!


One of the best events I have ever experienced  pure love


An amazing opportunity to practice, be inspired, share the light & love of yoga, in beautiful Barcelona, bliss!

Alessa BennatonBARCELONA

Most amazing experience!
Beautiful people and magical energy!



Nori TokumasuNEW YORK

Awesome setting, teachers, music and vibes. My first time at BYC and I will ensure to come every year!


Thank you!!!
My 3rd visit!
I got more than expected!
Maybe more meditations could be welcome

Quentin Eberhardt FRANCE

I had an amazing time at Barcelona Yoga Conference!

Tiana SkendzicIBIZA
It’s a great honor to be part of BYC. The concert impressed me deeply. It’s awesome. I love the class of Dario. I wanna continue to participate in BYC next year.
Chen HaiyingCHINA

BYC is one the rare yoga festival, which has its roots really into yoga. You can easily see it on the fact that there is a very nice and helpful donation of the income to the humanitarian projects of Sri Amritanandamaji, also simply known as Amma. this fact shows that the mind of the family, which stands behind the byc, is really rooted in yoga. and for me personally this family of one sister and two brothers, with the support of their parents and of course of all the great karma yogis, makes the BYC real authentictic in the light of yoga.

And also not to forget that the idea to BYC situated in the tratition of the great holy saint of sri swami shivananda of riskikesh! may the light of yoga shine upon everyone! Hari Om Tat Sat, brothers and sisters ! om satya sanatan dharma ki jay !!!


The BYC always gives me a lot of joy during bhakti workshops and uplifting kirtans!

Its always so much fun meeting friends from all over the world. And learning knew bodywork techniques while making new friends. Or simple laying in Yin Classes and listening to beautiful live bhakti music, after having a powerful hatha or vinyasa class in the morning! i love staying with friends in the city, enjoying local food or having some of the healthy smoothies or other delicious foods at the bhakti village at the conference.

Thanks to the Family for making this Happening possible!! Looking forward for next time!!!!

Johannes VogtGERMANY

I joined this year BYC2018, assisted Dario Calvaruso and also joined other classes. I feel so good and good vibes.  Looking forward to join next year.  Also it’s a good opportunities to meet different teachers and chatting together.  


I’m Kate from China. It’s my first time at BYC which is a very, very beautiful experience. I enjoy the lovely classes and connects with beautiful energy. Hope to see you again soon.

Although it was very hot and I got sunburned the event itself was nice.
A lot of good people and generally good vibes. Nice selection of vegan food and overall a fun
Niels PeterHONG KONG

BYC is always for me like a Wave, a beautiful One, full of smile & good vibration to give & receive.. so enjoy the ride, don’t think, be present, a simple flower in the garden, like a little happy cell of a higher body, open your heart, sing, dance & flow..

Pierre Simard FRANCE
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