restorative yumminess with Janet Stone

At the end of the afternoon, I joined Janet Stone´s class, it was supposed to be a vinyasa practice but instead she announced that it was going to be a restorative class! All my body screamed yuuuuumm! After a full week of teaching more than 15 classes & practicing throughout the day it was just what I needed at the end of the day. And it was such a highlight to have the sweet voice and guitar of Amrita Liza to lullaby us through the experience.


The class started with a few face massage tapping and rubbing movements to stimulate circulation and release tension. We later continued to release fascia and muscles from arms, wrists, ankles & calf muscles using our elbows and ankles to perform circular massaging and rubbing actions.

Eventually we moved into restorative yin – inspired asanas to release any remaing tension. A long, sweet savasana allowed for the integration & digestion of this sweet restoring practice. We gathered at the end of the practice to share some chants lead by Amrita & Janet.


And we were surprised at the end to find out it was Janet´s 5oth birthday! The group showered her with happy birthday songs & wishes, she was offered cake that was shared among the group & she expressed deep gratitude for being able to share her special day doing what she loves most: sharing & living the teachings of yoga. 

Love, long life & lot´s of love for you Janet!

Source: BYC Blog