embodied flow

We were blessed to start the day with a refreshing summer rain before a full day of yoga and fun at the Barcelona Yoga Conference!


I joined Carlos Romero´s class “embodied flow yoga“. Carlos explained this concept as the intention to move and flow with breath far and deeper beyond the physical. Throughout the practice we were motivated to stay in tune with our sensations and allow breath to mobilize into the little corners of the physical and energetic bodies  for renewal and optimization, tuning into our own capacities to heal.

It was a truly enjoyable experience and you could feel the room of yogis & yoginis inspired by the music that evoked nature sounds & Carlo´s words reminding us to remember where we came from, the essence of nature and life, a constant flow.

img_4234.jpgClose to the end of the class we were lucky to have the beautiful cello strings of Algimiro Cesarino (Cellomano) craddling the group into rest after the practice. And at some point he was joined by Amrita Liza and her sweet voice accompanied us into a restoring, sweet savasana.

The trio (Carlos, Algimiro & Amrita) that led this sweet experience are from Venezuela and now live in Bali were they hold trainings, workshops, concerts & many more initiatives. To know more about their music & proposals, click on these links:


  • Carlos Romero – yoga & massage – http://www.livininspired.com
  • Cellomano – music & sound therapy – https://cellomano.com
  • Amrita Liza – https://lizalilintahl.bandcamp.com/album/expansion

Hoping they return next year to the Conference to enjoy more unique experiences like these with them!


Source: BYC Blog