Dear BYC… Thank You

Dear BYC,

A week ago I didn’t know you but now I feel like we are dear friends. Thank you for filling me with light. And for making my muscles sore, then relaxed, then sore again, all accumulating in an expansive exhalation of release. Ahhhhh.

And thank you for holding my heart in your hand. I was feeling a little empty and lost when I arrived. But here I am on the last day, feeling more vibrant than ever. Thank you for creating this space, this home, this sanctuary of peace. Thank you for bringing together so many different cultures and languages and wisdoms- all pulsating together in unison.

This is what we are searching for when we roll out our mats. This is the nectar we seek to sip. So until we meet again, my sweet kindred friend, I will keep you in my every step…

Shine on, Analisa

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