journey through the yamas – satya


Our journey through the yamas continues with the second yama, satya or truth. In sanskrit, ‘sat’ means the eternal, unchanging truth beyond all knowing; ‘ya’ is the activating suffix which means “do it.” So satya means “actively expressing & being in harmony with the universal truth.”

To cultivate satya ~ in your yoga practice ~ honor your inner truth & integrity through acceptance of your body just as it is every time u practice, trying to practice with less ego & for what your body REALLY needs, observing your mind’s fluctuations, hesitations & thought patterns without necessarily acknowledging them as your truth (they are just thoughts passing through)

To apply staya ~ in our daily lives ~ being honest to ourselves & others, before we act, observing the motives behind our actions – asking ourselves ‘will it truly serve me or the other person, or am I doing this because of a need to prove something or gain something?’ is a useful tool to help us apply both satya and ahimsa to our daily actions.

Can you think of other ways to apply satya to your practice or your life? Please share in comments or with those around you!

More on the yamas & the yoga sutras in my following posts… happy journey!

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