3 Steps to Kick-Start Your Dream Yoga Career

Do you ever feel like everyone is a yoga teacher? Everywhere you look, there are yoga classes popping up everywhere but it’s almost impossible for you to get your classes started!?

Or you’ve started your classes but have spent months trying to fill them (or at least get more than 2 regular students)

If you’re feeling like this, don’t worry, I know where you’re at because Ive been there.

When I first launched into the world of yoga, I had grand plans of making this my full-time career, but within weeks, it felt like was an impossibility (how wrong I was though).

I didn’t have any guidance at this time, just motivation and a real passion to share yoga wherever possible. It was that motivation and eagerness, that took me from teaching 4  yoga sessions a week, to becoming a business owner of my own Registered Yoga School, leading trainings, workshops and events in schools, studios, retreat centers and communities across the Globe (in 5 different continents!)

Now, this was my dream and it’s likely that your dream is somewhat different.

Maybe it’s your dream to have you own yoga space or start your own non-profit yoga community or just have more than 2 students coming to your classes!

Whilst that dream may seem too far to reach, I am here to tell you, that it’s closer than you think. I am a huge believer in taking inspired action in order to manifest your goals, dreams and desires.

I know how disheartening it can feel and how difficult it can be sometimes, especially when you don’t have the right support, guidance or mentoring, but here are my top 3 tips for getting your yoga dream, kick-started:


  1. Find you Uniqueness

Yes, it does sometimes feel like everyone is a yoga teacher (and everyone else is successful at it, except for you) so it’s essential that you discover, acknowledge and appreciate your uniqueness. What makes you different?

Now, I hear you saying, nothing, I don’t have anything that makes me different from all the other yoga teachers out there – well, that’s just not true.

Are you an educator, therapist, sports coach, health or community worker? Do you have a background in education, health, psychology or philosophy?

Do you have international experience? Have you worked in therapeutic or healing environments? What other qualifications or certifications do you have? What other interests do you have? What is your personal belief system or approach to life?

What is your life experience?

Your individual life experiences are incredibly valuable – its not all about how many yoga certifications you may or may not have.


  1. Try it all

When I first started teaching yoga, I reached out to a wide range of settings to try it all out, to discover what I liked and what worked in my community.

I tried one-on-one sessions in therapeutic centers, corporate work places, workshop collaborations with yoga studios, summer camps, yoga festivals, athletics clubs, dance troops and cheer-leading teams….I really tried it all!

Each offered a new and diverse experience, of which led me to becoming the teacher I am today.


  1. Get yourself an accountability partner

Doing it all on your own can be tough, especially when you’ve had a difficult session!

An accountability partner can be someone who keeps you on track and motivated. Someone to bounce ideas off, get creative with and turn to for support.

Equally, as an accountability partner, you’re there to support someone else through difficult times, to motivate them and remind them why you do what you do!

I’ve had my awesome accountability partner for over 18-months. We were paired together at a ‘Dreamcatcher Workshop’ in Thailand and it has been beyond valuable for us both.

We check-in with each other every week, sometimes with a quick email or skype chat or even a 2-minute voice message (or if we’re lucky enough to be in the same country, a long, motivational lunch!)

We celebrate in each others successes, support each other through challenges, share creative ideas and interesting finds and most importantly, learn a lot from each other.

So they’re just 3 of my top tips for taking inspired action to manifest your yoga teaching dreams, go out there and do it!

Source: BYC Blog