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Karma Yogis 

Please confirm via email [ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ] that the days you are signed up for still work for you. See "TASK" tab for details about each area.

DAILY CHECK-IN. Please, every day arrive 10 minutes before your shift and "Check in" at the KARMAYOGI MEETING POINT TENT. They will hand you last minute information and tasks for the day and will make sure all positions shall be covered. 
After your shift report any incidents or extra duties that might occur so we can plan ahead for next year. 

PREPARATION. Wednesday, July 18th from 15h to 20h we prepare and set up the conference. It's optional and you are all welcome to join.  

MEETING. In the meeting, you will receive your daily schedule, ticket, t-shirt and welcome bag. There are two meeting days, please attend one of them.
>> Wednesday, July 18th at 20.00h, or 
>> Thursday 19th at 19.00h
At the Conference Reception. It is important for you to attend in order to get your bracelet, Tshirt, bag, instructions and get to know the space. If you can't assist to the meeting please manage to come 30 minutes early on your first day for Check In.

CONFIRMATION. Please Confirm to us via email that the schedule works for you. Thank you!

KARMAYOGIS DINNER. Tuesday 24th at 20.00h. The traditional big family dinner to thank you all and celebrate.
Address: Camprodon 10, Canovelles 08420. It's 30 minutes car ride from Barcelona.
BLANK SCHEDULE or REPLACEMENT TASK. If your schedule is blank no worries, you are still part of the team. Come in every day at 7.30 and talk with the "KARMAYOGI TEAM". They will set you up a schedule for the day or for the rest of the conference.
CONTACT. From Thursday on we have a special phone number for karmayogis to contact us. If you have any kind of situation and you can not come the next day, you need to change a schedule, etc... From Thursday on we will not manage changes via email anymore.  This phone does not have WhatsApp. It only receives calls and SMS. Please call this number at any time: 631.987.512
Save this number on your phone. If we have to reach you it will be from this number as well ;)

KarmaYoga Tasks 


01. RECEPTION   To be explained in the meeting Wednesday 1st
MORNING - Check stock & change in cashbox
- Cashbox to Reception
- Stock to Material Room


ALL DAY - Check in with every karmayogi before their shift at "Meeting Point Tent"
- Hand bracelet, schedule, tshirt, welcome pack to each karmayogi
- Manage special task for each karmayogi daily
- Manage possible changes in tasks or schedules
- Make sure all positions are covered
TEACHERS (before class) - Try mics & music
- Give water
- Incense, candle, etc...
!! Sound not working, call PRODUCTION
!! Teacher missing, call RECEPTION
AT THE DOOR - Ask participants to show bracelets
!! Participant without bracelet, send to RECEPTION
DURING CLASS - Count participants and note it down
AFTER CLASS - Empty & tidy room
- Check stock of water, candles, incense, etc
RECYCLING - Garbage thrown at outside container
- Recicled plastic & paper Inside containers
- Reception & Karmayoga room
MORNING 6h - Check Sound system for Sadhana
ALL DAY - Check sound problem in yoga rooms
- Check material needed, sound needs, reception needs, etc...
- Check with Karmayogi team for special tasks every day
07. KIDS ENTRANCE - Parents sign consens & get reciept with pick up time
- Bracelet with NAME & TELEPHONE
08. FOOD STAND ALL DAY - Serve the BYC Thalis at the Food Stands Area
- Clean up after serving
MORNING - Fruit for Teachers & Karmayogui
LUNCH - Karmayoguis Lunch
- Teachers Fruits & snacks
NIGHT - Put food away and clean up
THURSDAY - Show them their Stand & Material Room
- Attend needs: electricity, material, etc...
- Register them or send them to reception (if they have tickets)
MORNINIG 8h - Open Material Room
- Close Material Room
11. PICK UPS ALL DAY - Pick up teachers from Airport and drive them to Hotel
12. REPLACEMENTS ALL DAY - Come every day at 7.30 and check for schedule of the day
WEDNESDAY - Village set up, yoga hall altars and decorations
SUNDAY - Desassemble village tents, grass, shedes, etc...
MONDAY - Desassemble yoga halls and pack trucks
TUESDAY - Clean yoga mats, boxes, clothes, etc...






  • Be available all day at least for the Main Conference (Friday-Saturday-Sunday). 
  • Intensive 4,5 hours schedule either morning, noon or afternoon.
  • Asist to the previuos Meeting: Wednesday at 20h in the same conference
  • Uppon unexpected work we would ask for you to respond even if it's out of your asigned schedule. 
  • Help participants and be available for them. 
  • Help us keep the rules together: Braclets on, smoke free...



  • Participation in all clases of all the days you have an assigned karmayoga schedule.
  • One meal per day
  • Karmayogui Tshirt & Conference Bag
  • Changing rooms with showers
  • Karmayoguis hall to leave your stuff and chill. We can't offer you meals or disccounts for the stands. bWe will serve water, fruits and snacks at the karmayoguis hall.
  • Karmayoguis group on Facebook to keep contact and help eachother
  • Acces to web with schedules and tasks updated. 

What's Karma Yoga?

Meditation in action
Yoga has four developing whereby reach samadhi. The Hatha Yoga, physical practice and meditation; Jnana Yoga, the path of knowledge and wisdom; the Bhakti Yoga, the path of devotion; and Karma Yoga, the path of selfless action. Karma means "action". The Karmayoga is to raise awareness and yoga poses for every task we do during the day with a selfless intent, without looking for rewards or results craving. They are enjoying the action that goes beyond our interests. "Karma Yoga is selfless devotion of all internal and external activities as a sacrifice to the Lord, all the works offered to the eternal, as Master of all energies and austerities of the soul" Bhagavad Gita.

Detachment of the action
The action is not important it’s what you do that counts, it's the attitude during the action that determines whether a task is karma yoga. A task can be compensated financially or not, what determines karmayoga it is our attitude. Whatever you have to do, do the best you can. Do not stop for fear of effort or criticism. Do not work so sloppy just because no one is watching or because you feel that the task will not be for you.

Detachment of the results
Give it your best. Try to perform actions that can bring maximum goodness and badness minimum. Your motive must be pure. Generally plans to get fruits of their labour before starting any work. The mind is so structured that it can not think of any kind of work without pay or reward.

I am an instrument
You are or channel through which the universe expresses its beauty and perfection. Non you identify with the action or the results. You're not the action, you're not the instrument. Let God be expressed through your actions and you will see God and the eyes of your neighbours.