Karma Yoga Team


The 'Yoga of Action'. Karma Yoga is primarily the practice of selfless service to humanity whereby a spiritual seeker attempts to give their actions selflessly without hoping for merit, fame or glory.
· If you are interested in free classes, you might want to apply for a scholarship instead and enjoy the BYC as a participant. 
· If you are looking hard work service and experiencing the BYC from inside. If you want to practice meditation in every action and being available 100% please fill up the form and join the team!

- Availability all day from 6.00 to 23.00, even though your schedule will have only 4,5 hours work either morning, noon or afternoon. 
- You will receive the schedule and instructions during the first Karmayogi Meeting
- Mandatory Karmayogi Meeting either Wednesday at 18h or Thursday at 19h of July both at the BYC location
- In case of emergencies, we may ask you to support extra hours, stay open.  

- Join all classes for free those days with volunteering hours assigned.
- 1 meal per day. Fruit available at the Karmayogis hall.
- Karmayogi t-shirt & Welcome Bag
- Changing rooms with showers
- Karma yogis hall to leave your stuff and chill.
- Karma yogis Facebook Group to keep contact and help each other