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Welcome to the 
VI Barcelona Yoga Conference 

A space of inspiration and growth
21-25 July 2016

The BYC is a Yogic Celebration open to people from all ages and backgrounds with or without previous experience in yoga. An uplifting open hearted gathering with world leading Yoga teachersand musical artists creating a platform for you to learn, experience, discover and transform.

  • One of Europe’s largest Yoga Conferences
  • 5 full days of Yoga, Music and Dance
  • Over 800 vibrant participants from the 5 Continents
  • Free activities every day all day
  • 20 Yoga styles
  • 60 teachers & artists internationally recognized
  • 108 Scholarships
  • 45 Stands
  • 100 Volunteers 
  • 15 Translators / 10 Bloggers
  • BYC Kids
  • 3% Solidarity 


Mindful Celebration

  • Amma 3%
  • Scholarships
  • Free Program

3% of each entry is donated to 
Amma Embracing the World.The global network of charitable projects initiated by the humanitarian and spiritual leader Amma (Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi).

Empowering Women
Embracing the World’s economic development project has equipped more than 100,000 unemployed and economically vulnerable women with skills and means to help their families make ends meet  

Education for everyone
Universal education has proven to be the most effective means of eliminating endemic poverty. Research has shown that every year of school increases an individual’s wages by 10 percent.






The BYC is offering 108 Main Conference Scholarships every year!
3 Day tickets, some of them with full discount.
Applications 2016 open on March 25th / Closing on April 25th. You will find application instructions in this page

List of the 94 Scholarships granted for BYC 2015:

Full Scholarships | 54 Awards 
Freya Kellet, Katerina Skoulida, Cyntia Manzano, Kristin Brechler, Marta Sanchez, Timoteo Casas, Caroline Druitt, Luna Salvo, Marianna Radkowskaja, Nadja Radkowskaja, Angélique Schäfer, Tatjana Schäfer, Amara Carvajal, Nivedita Natarajan, Morwenna Truscott, Márcia Azevedo, Elina Sundström, Mireia Vila, Charlotte Larrazabal, Lisa Braamt, Julia Gavin, Sabine Klein, Tina Clarke, Frauke Schroth, Aline Villette, Anna Casadevall, Ro Deambrosis, Lauren Mackenzie, Greta Galeazzi, Santosh Kumar, Dharmendra Dhakad, Neula Zanah
, Douaa Abdo, Zorica Vilotic, Amelia Valls, Laura Gasca, Mélanie Doré, Vaida Minkute, Katharina Hartmann, Leandra Besters, Irina Bright, Olatz Crespo,Lide Madariaga, Celia Gil, Manuela Matos, Rachael Tanner, Danae Borsani, Samira Pages, Adriana Jarrín, Verónica Galiñanes, Mira Dornakova, Natascha Carrasco,Myrto Castanas, Randi Morse& Susana Sevilla.

50% Scholarships | 40 Awards
Uschi Seidl, Eduardo Ramos, Lauramarce Fernandez, Lydia Albers, Tsvetomira Ivanova, Montse Avalos, Esther Fernandez, Caro Primus, Victoria Peel, Irene Fuertes, Amy Cahill, Tatiana Litvinova, Jared Vanearle, Amalie, Mayte Serna, Adriana Tomás, Joan Obrador, Judit Sans, Stine Bertelsen, Alena Strohmaier, Steffi Kraus, Melinda Jiménez, Leonor Rodriguez, Eva Donat, Laura Martín, Victor Martin, Dina Caball, Stewart Richmond, Marco Noto, Emmanuelle Macripo, Georgina Balcells, Anna Tormo, M Eugenia Palacio, Janin Kukwa, Silvio Fernandez, Antonia Mayol, Lisa Hauter, Amani Alak, Juliette Noske, Maria Andree Lopez  & Ana Sagrera.


Olatz Crespo,Lide Madariaga

Free Program 

BYC FREE - Registration not needed 
Check the program | All classes painted in green are Free Events  

BYC GRATUÏT - Inscripció no és necessària
Visita el Programa BYC | Totes les classes pintades en verd són gratuites. 

BYC GRATUITO - Inscripción no es necesária
Visita el Programa BYC | Todas las actividades pintadas en verde son gratuitas.  

Friday 22nd / 
Divendres / Viernes 

Coming soon

Saturday 23rd / Dissabte / Sábado 
Coming Soon

20.00-22.00 - ♫ KIRTAN | Jai Uttal 

Sunday 24th / Diumenge / Domingo 
Coming soon


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